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198 members have been suspended for abusing our program.
Country Username Reason
crobads 2 diiferent isps
1sandeep a-hole and network sharing
YUYINGCHI bad email
raimis70 bad email
jinnjinn123 bad email
pawel591605 bad email
raymond89 bad email
rose12 cheat checks
ferdy cheat checks
kenji1286 cheater
malongdao corporate ip
straight55b corporate ip known hacker
daicadidem1994 false referral
subo181 hacker multiple accounts,cheater,unverified
phanh network sharing
askad10 network sharing device
DaClix4cash network sharing device
kaderbd network sharing device
tasif1234 network sharing device
aw21 network sharing device
sangronis08 payment processors not verified
thinhdxbp payment terms
Serazam payment terms 4 times
khongbiengioic06 proxy server
ptchunter7 proxy server
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