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New Sale November 20th, 2018
Hello Everyone
It would be a good idea to flush dns and delete cookies in 
your browser and do a new search and get rid of any bookmarks because that will point
to old server and make new bookmarks after search.Also there are a few minor problems 
yet some on my end and the only one you might get is not allowed on this 
domain which is on the portal and they are working on it right now.
New Sale
Payment processors are at 10% discount at ALL sites you get 7 extra days and 
$2.50 in account on Monthly memberships.For this sale you will also get double 
the amount of ads that are given with membership including the Newbie Membership
Which now has ads given upon purchase of upgrade.
Thank you
Announcement August 27th, 2018
Urls Changing next day or two  to http://www.   to  and  to
.club has all but doubled in price

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